Monday, March 28, 2011

Rave reviews!

Well, didn't cook much this weekend.  Lots of running around to do.  My guest came back with rave reviews about the dinner I prepared last week, in fact he wants to come again this week!!   
Of course, I won't refuse him as he is a bachelor while his wife is in California.

So, I told him Italian is the next meal.  Homemade tomato sauce etc.  You'll read about that when I actually cook it.  If you are looking for the recipe for the Tiramisu I made last week,  I'm going to do a video preparation for you in the next week or so.  Look for it on Pat Kutchins Kitchen on youtube.
I will also prepare the delicious "Pecan Pear Salad" so you can try it this spring.  It is delicious, delightful, and very light.  Look for it soon.

Sunday night saw a frozen pizza as we were too lazy to cook!! 

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