Friday, December 30, 2011

New Years Eve - Happy Birthday Fred

New years eve is coming up tomorrow.  My husband Fred's birthday.  Everyone celebrates his birthday!  I'm making one of his favorite dishes for dinner tonight.  Ravioli Casserole.  I love easy recipes and this one is made with frozen cheese ravioli, enhanced jar tomato sauce, grated romano cheese and meatball filling in between. 
I make my meatball recipe and use it crumbled up between each layer of ravioli.  The ravioli are placed in the casserole dish frozen with tomato sauce, making layers of ravioli, meat, sauce, cheese and ravioli again.  Baked for 35 minutes covered, and an additional 15 minutes uncovered. Serve with some fresh crusty italian bread and you will agree that  these are the best tasting ravioli you will ever have. 

Happy Birthday my sweet and HAPPY NEW YEAR  to everyone!

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