Tuesday, April 23, 2013

New Grocery in Town

A new chain of Groceries has moved into our area.  It is called Marrianos.  It is a very beautiful, upscale grocery store that also carries some good bargains.  Piano player welcomes you when you arrive,  samples are given out as you walk,  full bakery, deli, fresh meat and fish counters, as well as a complete exotic cheese section.  If you don't buy anything this store is a pleasure to walk through.  I love going to different grocery stores (my hobby) and I was so impressed with this store, I thought I'd share it.  It is new to the Chicagoland suburbs and they are building them everywhere.  This store will even cook your dinner for you, while you wait.  Honestly,  purchase chicken or steak or anything, and they will prepare it for you right there in the store.    I'm sure stores like this exist everywhere, but, I never saw one in my area.  It's worth a shot if you have time to walk and enjoy your surroundings! 

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