Saturday, June 11, 2011

Friday Night Dinner Party

Last night I made a dinner that turned out fabulous.  My guests really enjoyed it and I have to admit, so did I!
Sometimes things don't turn out the way you want them to and some dinners can be a disaster, but last night it all went according to plan!
I made my fried ravioli as appetizer while we had drinks.  I made three kinds.  Filled with spinach, crabmeat and smoked mozarella cheese.  I did put a picture of the fried favioli in this blog, a while back.
Next came salad.  I made an antipasto salad consisting of lettuce and a beautiful array of meats and vegetables along with White Balsamic Vinegrette dressing.
OK,  main course.  Timbale - an Italian pasta dish baked in a "crust" of grilled eggplant.  It was marvelous! and it came out of the springform pan without a hitch!  Served it with Italian Sausage grilled with tomatoes.  Wow,  it was quite a dinner! 
For dessert, I made a 9" chocolate layer cake.  Filled with Nutella spread, strawberries and Chocolate whipped cream filling.  Finished the cake with the chocolate cream filling as a frosting and topped with chocolate dipped strawberries.  Served ice cold.  Great! 
I'm posting pictures of the Timbale and the Chocolate cake.  It was a wonderful dinner party!

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