Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter's gone, on to Mothers Day----

Well, Easter was fun,  and now it's over!  Things seem to go by much faster these days.  Made interesting desserts to bring to my friends house.  Double layer pineapple upside down cake with cream cheese frosting.  Picture below.  It was absolutely delicious!  Also, made chocolate cake cups filled with chocolate mousse topped with a chocolate hazelnut egg.  Everybody was wonderfully impressed.  Even though we were all so full from a wonderful dinner.  Everyone saved room for dessert!   I love to make desserts.  What am I saying,  I love to cook and bake and love to make desserts!  I think I'll make some type of fish for dinner tonight.  Tilapia maybe with parmesian crust??  Sounds good.  Talk to you later.

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