Friday, July 29, 2011

New Appetizers!

Well, last night I experimented with some new appetizers using Philadelphia Cream cheese.  The one I thought turned out really good was "Fruity Rollups".  This was so easy, I was really surprised.  I've been making tortilla rollups for my husbands workshops as a snack using cream cheese and ham and turkey.  Well, I decided to use the fruit flavored cheese and garnish with fresh fruit that matched.  Strawberry cheese with fresh strawberry on it,  blueberry cheese with fresh blueberry on it and pineapple cheese with fresh pineapple on it.  I cut them, added the fruit to each and wow,  they were fantastic.  Made just a few and my neighbor happened to ring the bell to see Fred.  OK,  they were all gone between the three of us in just a very few minutes.  I will definitely be making these little babies for my next party!  Try them,  they are great!  Oh by the way,  if you don't know what rollups are,  take a soft flour torilla, spread it with a good amount of cream cheese,  roll it up and cut it.  After the slices are on the plate,  add the fruit.  YUMMY..  till next time.

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