Monday, October 3, 2011

Unusual Salmon Patties

Tonight I made salmon patties for dinner.  I never make them the same twice!  Tonight I used canned pink salmon, creamed corn, ritz crackers, onions, ketchup and fried them in butter.  They were lucious.  The corn kept them moist and the crackers made them buttery rich.  Frying them until they were really browned made them crispy and delicious. 

Salmon Patties:
1 can pink salmon
1/2 can creamed corn
1 T dehydrated onions
10 crushed ritz crackers
salt, pepper to taste
butter for fying.

Mix the salmon with all the other ingredients and fry for about 10 minutes on each side until brown and crisp around the edges.  Makes 4 -6 patties depending on how big you make them.  Serve them with ketchup and a side of veggies for a great, easy meal.

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